Your wedding day is very special to us as it will be to you.
We want to make sure your special day will be the one you and your guests will always remember.

Our goal at K O D J is to give our clients one on one personal service."

When possible we will always meet with you to coordinate your reception.
We will discuss scheduled events as well as music format.
If needed we are able to provide ceremony wedding music.
We are more than DJ's, we can contact your wedding coordinator, photographer,
videographer and caterer to coordinate your reception...
this will help assure a worry-free reception.
We can act as master of ceremonies: Announcing you and the wedding party,
best man/maid of honor toast, cutting of the cake, bouquet toss and garter flinging,
The Bride & Groom's First Dance/Bride and Father's Dance/Groom and Mother's Dance
The Money Dance/Wedding Party Dance and any other special announcements
that you would like us to make.
At the reception, a music list and Request list will be available to all Guest.
This will help us better cater to the music that will be most appropiate for your occasion.

As an added benefit when you contract with K O D J,
We will give you a complete list of all our music listed by song and by Artist.
This allows you to see all the music you might want and let's us now what you want.
We can play what is popular but taste for music varies from time to time and from event to event.
We want to play what is best for You and Your Occasions.

Your Wedding Day will be that special day that you will remember most.
By having K O D J perform at your reception, you know that you are hiring
Wedding Professionals that will help coordinate all your needs.
We want to give you that special personal service that you deserve on your wedding day.

Ken Ottinger/Owner
K O Productions Mobile D J's

Phone: (661) 332-KODJ or 332-5635

You can email me with your Questions at ken@kodj.net

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